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Delivery | 送货服务

Logistics Flow
In order to ensure the freshness of our mooncake, we will only bake upon order received
Afterward, we hand it over to the Transport team, they will take care of the product from Kluang all the way to our third party on demand delivery team in KL.
Lastly, our experts will dispatch & deliver it to your door step.



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Lead Time
we are committed to bring you the best shang hai mooncake in town within 2-3 working days, however during festive season, it can be foreseen to be longer than it should be. Rest assured, you will be informed if there's any changes


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Standard Operation Procedure
We have appointed delivery teams who specialized in handling F&B products, and strongly believe can handle it with care!
Once order placed, you just have to sit back and wait for our delivery guy & your mooncake to ring your bell!

Our team will contact you 2 times (before they depart to confirm your availability and once they have arrived)


Important Note:
For customer who opts for Cash On Delivery payment method, please make sure you have sufficient amount ready to make payment
If you are buying for Someone else (your Friends/ Family), please take note, Cash On Delivery is not applicable
Please make sure the address you input is precise and correct,  as well as the phone number (especially if you are buying for someone else) to ease both parties for the delivery process

顾客购买来送给亲友 是不可使用 货到时付款

About Payment | 了解付款

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Delivery Coverage
we are the first Shang Hai Mooncake seller coming to town! And unfortunately, we have limited coverage (Only certain location in Klang valley & Selangor) at this moment, but we are definitely keen to serve Everyone in Malaysia! 
Do Check with us!

我们是第一家把上海月饼带到吉隆坡的团队,因此我们暂时的覆盖范围非常有限 (暂时只有指定吉隆坡与雪兰莪地区), 但我们绝对希望能够把合家月饼送到马来西亚任何一个角落的顾客手上

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Special Request
Let us know if you have any special request on specific delivery demand, we will try our level best to meet your requirement, it subjects to our delivery team after all
you may write/call us, or put it under remarks column, we will contact you ASAP




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