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Hejia Bak Kwa Dried Meat 合家肉干

Bak Kwa 


Traditional Charcoal Grilling

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Hejia Bak Kwa

This lunar Chinese New Year Hejia has team up with Mei Wei Chai kee to bring everyone our scrumptious traditionally grilled Bak Kwa!

Hejia will be handling all the preparation, processing and producing the meat, grilling, packing and fulfilling orders to customer


今年农历新年合家强力回归, 这次将为大家带来香甜可口的 传统碳烤肉干!


Finest Quality of Fresh Meat

We are the expertise this field, and we will never compromised to the quality of the meat for Bak Kwa. We are very particular on meat selection, processing, marinating and drying, nowadays people are into health concern – less sugar, less oily, less fats. Therefore we will oversee the whole production to make sure the every piece of Bak Kwa meets customers’ expectation – Healthy yet remains the taste it supposed to.



经过多年的经验,对于肉类, 不上等肥美的绝不选!


The Secret Recipe

Meat Selection, slicing and drying; every single steps are important. More importantly, is the recipe in used for marinating. Throughout these years, we had invented our own secret recipe for Bak Kwa, the after grilled Bak Kwa with the maroon color and rich hint barbeque aroma together with tenderness, sweetness and chewy texture, definitely will get you asking for more


肉类筛选,切片,烘干个个步骤都非常重要,绝不可马虎,但比起这一些,更重要的绝对是肉类的腌制。经多年研究的腌料绝对是肉干的精髓,烘烤后深红色 多汁 甜美又弹牙,不太硬,不干燥,不油腻,吃了一片还想要一片呢!

Traditionally grilling with Charcoal

In order to serve our customer with the best Bak Kwa, We handle the grilling process meticulously.  Every pieces of Bak Kwa will be sizzling over a glowing fire until it spatters and caramelize the tender meat in the all right place. The timing and speed of flipping the meat, the temperature and heat of the charcoal has to be monitoring well too



Elegant Packaging​

To ensure the freshness of the Bak kwa and to retain its aroma, texture, taste and also for hygienic reason, we will vacuum sealed every single piece of Bak Kwa. Therefore, less impacts on the Bak Kwa during delivery

All the vacuum sealed Bak Kwa will be packed into resealable aluminium bag too, which is convenient for customers




Thoughtful Free Gift

Hejia is always considerate, as we want you to enjoy the Bak Kwa without worrying about cleaning your fingers afterwards. Therefore we came out with Hejia Wet Tissue for your convenience 



Traditional Charcoal Grilling



The Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones



The Brand New Packaging


hejia bak kwa 合家肉干
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