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The Secret Recipe | 独门秘方

Marinated with Secret Recipe, the Grilled Bak Kwa with Rich hint Barbeque Aroma together with its Tenderness, Sweetness and Chewy texture, definitely will get you asking for more

经多年研究得来的腌料秘方绝对是肉干的精髓,烘烤后深红色 多汁 甜美又弹牙,有嚼劲,不干燥,不油腻,吃了一片还想要一片呢


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Shanghai Mooncake USP

  • Buttery Crumbly Crust

  • Blended Lotus & Walnut Paste

  • Brand New design Packaging Box

  • Individual Seal Cup

  • Free Premium Chinese Tea Bag


  • 独特奶酥饼皮

  • 特加核桃馅料

  • 崭新精美包装

  • 独立封口包装

  • 免费上等茶包

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Our Products | 我们的产品

ShangHai Mooncake


Bak Chang | 粽子

Shop Now | 立即购买

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About Us | 关于我们


We are committed to bring you our Hand Made Traditional Delicacy and deliver to your door step

We started off successfully with Shanghai Mooncake follow by Bak Kwa & Bak Chang


And now we are back with


Our Signature Shanghai Mooncake





FAQ | 常见问题

What are the ingredients used? | 使用的材料有哪些?

Best taste through the highest quality of ingredients used, we only source the premium quality materials to bake our mooncake For the health reason:
We only use Paste with Less Sugar Contained & this year we also blended Walnut into it!
Strictly No Preservatives and Artifical Coloring/ Flavors be Added to our product
**Absolutely no Pork, Lard and Pork By-Product Added

To learn more

合家月饼能够获得如此酥脆美味的口感是由于我们忠于在挑选月饼材料以及配料里的追求因此合家月饼只使用最上等材料以及配料烘制而成 基于健康理由 我们只采用低糖份月饼馅料而且今年还特别加入了核桃哦! 绝不含防腐剂,人造色素,人造调味剂 **绝无添加猪肉,猪油和其副制品


How long our Mooncake can be Stored? | 存放期间会是多长?

Hejia Mooncake does not contain Preservatives, Expected Shelf life: 7-14 days
we suggest to finish it in 7 days if store in room temperature
It can be stored in refrigerator to extend the Shelf Life of the product. You may reheat it in Microwave oven
合家月饼不含任何防腐剂,预计保质期 7-14天左右 如果储存于室内温度,我们建议在7天内食用完 月饼能够储存在冰箱来延长食品保质期 您也能够用微波炉来为月饼从新加热

Return, Refund, Exchange & Cancellation | 退货,退款,替换商品和取消订单​

We offer Return to customer who provides valid reason with option to Refund or Exchange for a New one. Cancellation available for customer who changed his/her mind after placing order (best to inform us within 24hours) For Faulty Product, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will full refund to our customer (subject to case to case basis)
我们让能够给予理由顾客退货,顾客能够选择 全数退款或者是替换一个新的产品

顾客如果在下单后改变主意,可以选择取消订单(最好能在24小时之内通知我们) 如有遇到任何产品品质问题,请立即联系我们,我们会立即退款

What is so special about Hejia Mooncake? | 合家月饼有何特别之处呢?

Product - This Is Not Just The Other Mooncake! Unique taste of Crispy Buttery Milk Flavor Crust Small Size : Do not have to worry you might not able to finish due to big portion Premium Packaging: elegant, a perfect gift for friends and family during the festive season as well 产品 - 绝对不枯燥乏味 含有独特牛油奶香味的饼皮 小粒的月饼尺寸,无需担心吃不完会浪费,悄悄好 精美礼盒包装,绝对是送礼佳品 -- Preparation - Allow You Eat Healthier All the mooncake are by Handmade No preservatives, additive, artificial coloring & flavouring added Premium quality Ingredient used, less sugar and less oil added 精心准备 -让您吃的健康,安心 每一粒月饼都是全手工制造 绝不含人造色素,防腐剂,调味剂 只采用上等食材烘,少糖少油 Learn More About Our Mooncake | 了解更多关于我们的月饼

What would be the Operation and Delivery be like? | 送货服务会是怎么样进行的呢?

1) Once order placed, we will start preparing the grilling process 2) After grilled, we will individually vacuum seal bak kwa piece by piece and pack into our Hejia Bak Kwa Bag 3) We will pack merticulously and send out by courier service as you selected (Pos Laju or DHL) 1) 我们将在您下单后开始准备碳烤的程序 2) 烤好后,我们将肉干各片真空包装起来然后再装入合家肉干封口袋子 3) 之后我们会小心翼翼的包好才通过快递服务 (Pos Laju 或 DHL) 来发货

How to place order from us? | 如何向我们订购?

1) Once order placed, we will start preparing the baking process 2) After baking, we will place each of the mooncake into our customized cup & seal it then pack into our Hejia Premium Paper Bag 3) We will pack merticulously and send out by courier service as you selected (Pos Laju, J&T or DHL) 1) 我们将在您下单后开始准备生产与烘培的程序 2) 烘培好后,我们将每一粒月饼分别独立装入特制杯中然后再封口后再装入合家精美袋子 3) 之后我们会小心翼翼的包好才通过快递服务 (Pos Laju, J&T 或 DHL) 来发货

Special Request | 特别要求

If you have any request in mind, please feel free to talk us, we are open to any suggestion or request (as long as it's within out capability). Contact us
如果您有任何请求或是任何意见想法,我们都欢迎您来提供意见,只要是我们能力范围办得到的,我们都热意为您效劳。 联络我们

Contact | 联系

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“Not too sweet, the taste is just nice for my old folks <3”