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Kee Chang | 碱水粽子 6pcs | 六粒装

Flavor: Kee Chang Rice Dumpling ✔️
Kee chang which has no fillings in it and it's perfect match to serve it together with Hejia Kaya Paste


口味:碱水粽子 ✔️

Hejia Bak Chang 🍙

Duan Wu Fsetival is around the corner, Hejia has appointed and collaborated with experienced Shifu brings everyone handmade rice dumpling

What makes Hejia Handmade Rice Dumpling so special, apart from premium ingredient selection and used preparation all done handmade, this is first vacuum seal rice dumpling on sale in Malaysia!

We also adopted the old fashion way to cook with Charcoal which believes it can help to preserve and seal the authentic taste of rice dumpling!


The Art of Handmade Rice Dumpling 🍙

Handmade rice dumpling requires a lot of tedious preparation, unlike the others traditional food product. Hejia insists to hand make every Rice Dumpling including from ingredients preparation, wrapping and cooking dumpling. We’ll never compromised when it comes to product quality


The preparation 🍙

Rice dumpling is a combination of each and every tiny but important ingredient into one

Glutinous rice needs to be stirring fried with seasoning, pork belly has to be marinated, other ingredients preparation, for instance salted egg yolk, shrimps, chestnuts, mushroom and many more.


Wrap and stuff dumpling 🍙

One of the most challenging and importance part, to stuff, wrap and tie the glutinous rice with all the ingredients with the leaves

Ingredients will be filled into the leaves by layering into a cone shape, then wrap into a triangle shape and tight firmly with twine.

It requires good skills in order to keep every ingredient all in the right place


Cook with charcoal stove 🍙

It is rare to cook rice dumpling with Charcoal fire stove nowadays, yet Hejia insist to go with the traditional way. Rice dumpling will be cook under the extreme hot temperature boiling water and drain overnight before packing. 


Our Precaution 🍙

Rice dumpling will be cooked night before delivery, to ensure the freshness

Rice dumpling will be drained overnight, to get rid of all the water in it, to prevent mould after sealed

Rice dumpling then will be vacuum sealed to extend the shelf life of the product



合家粽子 🍙

在来临一年一度的端午节,合家为大家带来了 合家手工粽子,这回由精益求精的专业师傅为合家裹粽子

合家粽子之美味可口,原因粽子都得全靠手工准备,从腌制五花肉,筛选上等糯米,虾米还有粽叶,采用新鲜咸鸭蛋,甚至到翻炒红豆, 全部都是手工制作,师傅也绝不马虎,这也会是全马第一家真空粽子出售哦!

我们也使用传统古早式 - 用火炭慢火来烹煮,以便能将把最原滋原味的粽子呈现给大家


手工粽子之工艺 🍙



师傅对粽子的讲究 🍙




裹扎粽子 🍙



炭火水煮 🍙



注意事项 🍙




Kee Chang | 碱水粽子 6pcs | 六粒装

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  • To store it 🍙

    Keep it in ventilated

    Consume within 3 days, once the vacuum bag is opened

    Store in refrigerator to extend the shelf life


    储藏建议 🍙




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